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We are currently accepting deposits on  SPRING 2022 litters from which we will have breeding pairs, breeding trios, and a limited number of single breeding stock available. Our Spring/Summer/Fall 2021 wait list is now full – in the event piglets are available from our Spring/Summer 2021 once our wait list orders have been filled our late summer/fall deposits will take next precedence for piglet picks. Please see our exciting 2022 breeding line up below! 

All livestock sold registered with the AKKPS pending DNA verification with current certificate of health and proof of vaccines/booster/anti-parasite control from Greenbelt Veterinary Services of Chilliwack, BC.

We reserve the right to retain breeding stock at our discretion. Livestock we deem pet quality will be altered before leaving Schuurman Farms.

50% deposit required to hold your piglet(s). Full payment required before any livestock departs Schuurman Farms. Reservations for pick of litters will be determined in order of deposit payment received.

 Etransfer Deposits can be sent to schuurmanfarms@gmail.com

Rueben (Andrew) X Havana (Awakino)


Please note no summer 2022 litters will be available 

2022 will bring a limited number of breedingswe have narrowed down to our most exceptional pairings to allow for farm life vs family time balance. We are looking forward to a wonderful piglet crop for 2022

Please note boar & gilt piglet pricing for 2022 will be as follows:

*$100 combined discount is offered on pairs (2022)

*200 combined discount is offered on trios (2022)

Bookie (Te Whangi) X Cherise (Wilson’s Gina) $1500

Bookie (Te Whangi) X Dottie (Wilson’s Gina) $1500

Rueben (Andrew) X Havana (Awakino) $1500

Rueben (Andrew) X Geneva (Awakino) $1500

Pet Stock $600 each as available or 2 for $1100 (2022 pricing)

Boar Companion Barrows available with purchase of pair or trio at $500 (2022 pricing)

Pork Production barrow piglets as Available – please contact to be placed on short list $250 each (2022 pricing) please note pork production piglets will not be sold as pets due to conformation flaws that may affect their lifetime longevity. No deposits will be taken.

Thank you to our purchasers for a successful 2021 – we look forward to an exciting end for 2021 litters and start of 2022! Please email to be shortlisted or to place a deposit on 2022! litters:

Watch Here for 2021 litter arrivals!

Jan 22 – Rueben X Belize – 2 boars 3 gilts

Jan 26 – Rueben X Moorea – 3 boars 1 gilt

Feb 20 – Vinny X Bali – 5 boars 4 gilts

March 10 – Delano X Medora – 4 boars 3 gilts

March 15 – Rueben X Cherise – 5 boars 2 gilts

May 2 – Dyce X Tawhiti – 3 boars 2 gilts

May 9 – Nelson X Roera – 4 boars 1 gilt

June 9 – Rueben X Roseisle – 2 boars 6 gilts

July 29 – Rueben X Belize – 2 boars 3 gilts 

Aug 13 – Dyce X Vegas 3 boars 4 gilts 

Sept 3 – Rueben X Havana – 6 boars 2 gilts 

Sept 29 – Dyce X Medora – 5 boars 3 gilts 

We can air ship piglets via WestJet air cargo at cost of purchaser to most major Canadian cities excluding PEI, NB, NS, & NL due to flight lengths. Please contact to confirm if alternate arrangements are available for these provinces.

*Aprox cost of air shipping a breeding trio within Canada (BC to AB, SK, MB, ON, QC $350-$450 including taxes) Crate/Airport Delivery fee $150 for 2-3 piglets (4 hour round trip Deroche – Vancouver piglet drop off)

Currently offering  ground shipping via experienced, safe, & compassionate ground shippers throughout BC & AB. 

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