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1. KuneKune pigs help contribute to a sustainable and environmentally friendly farm plan – Canadian farmers are moving more and more towards sustainable farming methods.

2. KuneKunes are prolific breeders – helping establish Canadian hobby farms and homesteads on a limited timeline.

3. KuneKunes adapt well to all 4 Canadian seasons with adequate shade and shelter.

4. Canada has a diverse gene pool of quality KuneKunes and KuneKune breeders.

5. KuneKunes are grazers – perfect lawn mowers for extra grass areas on small, medium, or larger scale Canadian farms.

6. KuneKune pork is well marbled and renowned for its gourmet quality and flavour by top chefs across Canada.

7. KuneKunes are a lard pig and are a great addition for a Canadian family farm not only looking to fill their freezer and bake up a storm – but also contribute to a KETO diet!

8. KuneKune pork is well suited to artisanal charcuterie meats Рall the rage right now from Canada’s West to East coast!

9. KuneKunes can be raised in many different terrain types from flat to hillside suitable for the many different landscapes of Canada.

10. KuneKunes are mild mannered and easy to get along with – just like us Eh! Perfect for first time or seasoned swine farmers alike Canada wide!